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jedi_weekly's Journal

Jedi Weekly
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to jedi_weekly!
What is?
jedi_weekly is similar to the numerous _daily communities; here at jedi_weekly we post pictures of Jedi. Weekly. Your mods are isolabela and kiana and we love us some Jedi.
All images must be placed behind an lj cut, excluding icon teasers. The reason for this is many members have narrow journal layouts that look terrible when they’ve been stretched by a picture. It’s irritating. Let’s try not to make each other angry, k?

Also? Every post must contain a picture, excluding Admin posts. It’s not that hard, kids, so even if you’re posting something that is randomly Star Wars related? Make it legal and stick a pretty Jedi pic in there. ^_^

In addition, anyone caught hotlinking will be banned faster than they can blink. It’s a very serious issue and not something that we’ll be lenient on. There are plenty of free image hosting sites, use one of them to post your pictures.
Each week we will have a theme for our members to post for. We’ll begin with individual characters and actors, and then expand to include groups of people, more abstract themes, etc. If you would like to suggest a theme, do so here. We’d love to have your input!

This week’s theme is: TBA.
Can I post outside the theme? What about icons/wallpapers/etc?
Certainly! We welcome any and all Star Wars related images. Simply be sure to mark it as “OT” for Outside Theme because isolabela is anal and likes things labeled properly.
Organization is good! Therefore we will be implementing tags in this community. Please be sure to tag all posts you make with the character or actor you are posting (which ever applies). If you are posting any kind of graphics, please label them as such, whether they be icons, wallpapers, layouts, whatev.
Can I pimp my SW comm here?
We’d really rather you didn’t; however, if you feel so inclined you can email us at jedi.weekly @ gmail dot com and ask very nicely. We’ll take a look at your community and if we feel it’s appropriate we’ll give you the go ahead to pimp it here. But ask first or we’ll remove you permanently from the community.
I have a question!
Fantastic! We love questions! Email it to us at jedi.weekly @ gmail dot com and we’ll try to answer any questions you have.


Would you like to affiliate with us? Great! Email us at jedi.weekly @ gmail dot com.


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