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Finally we're getting around to implimenting some changes here at jedi_weekly. You may have noticed a Suggest a Theme post pop up on your flist and are wondering what it is. The userinfo gives a little more information on it:

Each week we will have a theme for our members to post for. We’ll begin with individual characters and actors, and then expand to include groups of people, more abstract themes, etc. If you would like to suggest a theme, do so here. We’d love to have your input!

This week’s theme is: TBA.

Please feel free to suggest a theme on the appropriate post! I'll be going through tagging the old entries in here (and whew, that's going to take a while) but I'd love for us to get started as soon as possible here.

Layout and userinfo design are completely subject to change, still, so if you're poking around here and suddenly it's a different color? That's why. ^_^

And for your viewing pleasure:
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